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Gorgeous blue fabric weighted draft stoppers made to measure to fit your doors and windows perfectly.

Choose your length from the drop down menu. 


PLEASE NOTE: these draft excluders can be cut to exact size free of charge. Just buy the next size up and put a note in the order note with the precise length you require.


Great for all doors and windows.

Approximately 12 inches CIRCUMFERENCE (CM 30) / 5.5 inches on the sides (14 CM).

Filled with weighted wadding.


Excluders of 78 cm and over will ahve three or more loops.


HOOKS INCLUDED FOR QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION - The Self adhesive hooks can be placed onto smooth surfaces like glass, metal, painted wood, ceramic tiles, stainless steel and more. As the adhesive is quite strong these hooks are not suitable for painted walls and wallpaper.


IMPORTANT - Stick the hooks and wait 24 hours before hanging the excluder.If you want to remove the hook you can do so with a hot hairdryer.

Shop now and start saving up to 30% on your heating bill!

Door Draught stopper with hooks - Custom length