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This Grey draught stopper with hoops is perfect for any home.


The stylish fabric allows you to add a softening touch to any room and keep out the cold.


The stopper is made from UK sourced, high quality materials, making it durable and long lasting.


The circumference is approximately 13 inches (CM 33); 6 inches tall at the sides (CM 14).


Filled with weighted wadding, compliant with British Fire Safety Standards.

Hanging loops to drag it with the door when you leave the house (stopper of 78 cm and over will have three or more loops).

HOOKS INCLUDED FOR QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION - The Self adhesive hooks only take few seconds to place onto any smooth surface like glass, metal, painted wooden door, ceramic tile, stainless steel and more. As the adhesive is quite strong these hooks are not suitable for painted walls and wallpaper.

IMPORTANT - Make sure to stick the hooks to the surface and wait 24 hours before hanging the item onto it.
If you want to remove the hook you can do so with a hot hairdryer.

The hoops allow it to be easily dragged with the door or window frame to create a snug seal. It's an excellent way to save energy and keep your home warm and cosy.


Grey draught stopper with hoops - personalised draft blocker