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This custom-length draft stopper is a great way to save energy and money.


Filled with weighted wadding.


Hanging loops to drag the excluder with the door when you leave the house (stoppers of 78 cm and over will have three or more hoops).

PLEASE NOTE: these draught blockers can be cut to exact size free of charge, just buy the next size up and put a note in the order with the precise length you require.


The circumference is approximately 13 inches (33 cm); 6 inches tall at the sides (14 cm). 


Great for all doors, windows and patio doors.


The grey small leaf print is delicate and chic and will soften up any area of the house where you will want to use it.


HOOKS INCLUDED FOR EASY & QUICK INSTALLATION - The Self adhesive hooks only take a few seconds to place onto any smooth surface like glass, metal, painted wooden door, ceramic tile, stainless steel and more. With the adhesive being quite strong, these hooks are not suitable for painted walls and wallpaper.

IMPORTANT - To install, stick the hooks to the surface and wait 24 hours before hanging the item onto it.
If you want to remove it you can do so with a hot hairdryer.


It's made with all UK sourced materials, making it an ideal choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.


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Grey leaf Draught excluder with hoops - custom length draft stopper