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Long draught stoppers with filling and pulling loops, made of lovely neutral fabric.


The hanging loops make these the most energy efficient draught excluders on the market as, thanks to these, the stoppers can be pulled with the door ensuring there is no waste of heating or airconditioning even when you are not around.


Choose yours from 28 to 67 inches (CM 70 to 170) in length.


These door sausages have a circumference of approximately 13 inches (CM 33); they are 6 inches tall at the sides (CM 14).


Great for all doors and windows.


Filled with weighted wadding.


Side loop for when the door sausage is not needed.


Save up to 30% on your heating bill!

This is a great present for anyone who is worried about resources and wants to have a more sustainable lifestyle without compromising on style.

Long draught stoppers with pulling loops - made to measure