Choose a made to measure draught excluder to suit your home colour scheme. Buy one in your door's length today to start saving money and resources. We have only got this planet, let's protect it and keep the home stylish.

Scandalo al Sole comes to homeware after years of crafting and trying to make their own homes look good.

Now striving to combine their aestethics with energy efficiency, they have come up with a line of draught excluders to help keep the home warm and look stylish at the same time.

All over the world the concern for energy efficiency is growing. So Scandalo al Sole want to do their part to save resources. Therefore they have devised a range of bespoke door snakes for all homes.

They chose fabrics to suit the taste of all men and women who want to live a more sustainable life.

All draughty houses would benefit from adding some excluders. So treat your doors and windows to a bit of tender loving care.

As well as protecting you from cold air, these door draft blockers will add a soft touch to any room.

Bespoke doors and windows insulation with style. 

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The range of homeware is stylish in an under stated way.

If you want to start saving on heating, look no further, get a Scandalo al Sole door draft blocker..

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