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Choose a made to measure draught excluder to suit your home colour scheme. 

Buy one in your door's length today to start saving money and resources. 

We have only got this planet, let's protect it and keep the home stylish.

Scandalo al Sole draft stopper are heavy and sturdy, made with top quality fabrics and finished to the highest standard. Click to visit the reviews page and read about our customers' feedback. 

Scandalo al Sole comes to the market after we spent years crafting and trying to make our own homes look good.

Now striving to combine simple aesthetics with energy efficiency, we have come up with a line of draught excluders to keep the home warm and look stylish at the same time.

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The range is stylish in an understated, Scandinavian way.

If you want to start saving on heating, look no further, get a Scandalo al Sole door draft blocker.