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Introducing our innovative double sided door draught excluders, the ideal solution for conserving energy and shielding your home from unwanted noise, odors, and insects.


Made with botanical fabric, this under door noise and smell double stopper is not only functional but also adds a touch of elegance to your home decor.

They are designed to slide snugly under your door, preventing cold drafts from seeping through and keeping your home cozy and warm.


IMPORTANT: To ensure a perfect fit, these items should be approximately 2 cm (three quarters of an inch) shorter than your door. This gap allows for hinge movement and the door to close properly.

Accurate measurement is essential.


Say goodbye to unwanted drafts and unpleasant smells with our double sided draught excluder.


These under door excluders feature two tubes, each about 5 cm in diameter, to provide double the protection. Designed to fit doors of a standard thickness (3.5cm), this excluder is easy to install and provides a secure fit to keep out drafts. Filled with soft fluff, it ensures maximum adherence with the floor, and it can reduce your heating and air conditioning expenses by up to 30%. 


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Globally, the focus on energy efficiency is increasing.


At Scandalo al Sole, we're committed to doing our part in preserving resources. We've developed a unique line of door snakes suitable for every household, selecting fabrics to appeal to anyone wishing to live more sustainably.


Our collection is stylishly understated. If reducing energy costs without compromising on style is your goal, our door snakes are the perfect solution for your home and office.


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