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Our Waterproof William Morris Draught Excluder is the perfect solution for energy efficient homes.


Made to measure, this draft stopper can be customized to fit doors and windows of any length.

The beautiful botanical print William Morris material is not only aesthetically very pleasing, but also practical, as it can be easily wiped clean.


These draft excluders are ideal for all outside patio doors, and will prevent unnecessary waste of heating or air conditioning. Furthermore, we offer a free cutting service for even more exact sizing, simply purchase the next size up and leave a note in the order.

Approximately 13 inches CIRCUMFERENCE (CM 33) / 6 inches on the sides (14 CM).

Because they are filled with heavy wadding they are highly effective; see the feedback section for unbiased Etsy buyers' reviews:

Buy now to start saving up to 30% on your energy bill!

Waterproof William Morris Draught excluder - made to measure draft stopp