These Jute door draught excluders are made to measure to fit all doors.


Also perfect for windows and patio doors.


Approximately 6 inches tall (CM 14).


Filled with wadding.


PLEASE NOTE: these draft stoppers can be cut to exact size free of charge. Just buy the next size up and put a note in the order with the precise length you require.


Save up to 30% on your heating bill!


This is great for anyone who is eco-friendly, wants to save energy and make a home more cozy.


READY TO SHIP (I use ROYAL MAIL secure services and provide a tracking number after shipping).


TYPICAL DELIVERY TIMES: EUROPE: 4 to 7 working days.

NORTH AMERICA and RUSSIA: 6 to 10 working days.

EVERYWHERE ELSE: 8 to 13 working days.


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All over the world the concern for energy efficiency is growing.


So at Scandalo al Sole we want to do our part to save resources.

Therefore we have devised a range of bespoke door snakes for all homes.


We chose fabrics to suit the taste of all men and women who want to live a more sustainable life.

All draughty houses would benefit from adding some excluders.

So treat your doors and windows to a bit of tender loving care.

As well as protecting you from cold air, our door draft blockers will add a soften up the look of any room.


Bespoke doors and windows insulation with style.


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Our range of homeware is stylish in an under stated way.If you want to start saving on heating, look no further, get a scandalo al sole door snake.

Draught excluder - made to measure draft stopper